Do-it-yourself zombie fancy dress

Halloween will soon be upon us, and with it comes all manner of zombie fancy dress. If you're considering dressing as a member of the undead, you're in luck; zombies come in every shape, size, and demographic. All you need is some tattered clothes, some fake blood, and a bit of imagination and you'll be a bloody hit at the party.

The essentials are nearly always the same: pale make-up on the face with darker make-up around the eyes. Some fake blood around the mouth and perhaps a few realistic gashes and gouges in the head for added effect. Instructables.com has great tutorials for creating the perfect zombie make-up, with step-by-step instructions to show you exactly how it's done. Check out the instructions here, and you'll have a good starting point: instructables.com.

Liquid latex is an essential component of a zombie costume. Paint it on your face as per instructions to get the look of peeling skin or a deep and bleeding gash. It's really quite simple: Just apply it in layers, allow to dry a few minutes, and apply more to create the effect you want. You can find liquid latex for zombie costumes at your local costume shop or on Amazon. Online, at amazon.co.uk, it runs about £2.45 for a package, and is enough to create the look you want.

Are you already a doctor, or know someone who is? Take your most worn out scrubs, splatter them with fake blood, rip and destroy them in a few choice places and you've got a nice zombie doctor outfit. Perhaps you've some old clothes in your wardrobe you no longer need. Why not convert them into a zombie fancy dress? Have fun with it. Rub some dirt, oil, or paint on the clothes to make it seem as though you've just emerged from the grave.

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