Ermenegildo Zegna for fine quality men's clothing

Ermenegildo Zegna is an Italian designer house for men with headquarters in Milan. It has always been and still is, a family-owned fashion house. Reputed for its top quality ready to wear and custom made suits, Zegna can be found in stores across the globe. The company has a solid reputation for making fine and luxurious suits based on tailoring traditions that date back to 1910.

The house of Zegna: Ermenegildo Zegna

This range includes the full range of clothes and customisable suits to respect the sizes, needs, and wants of clients. Have a look at the line offering dashing and impeccable suits with sharp, solid lines. The range also covers business and casual suits, soft cashmere jumpers, knitwear, and cotton twill shirts for a great urban look.

Zegna sport

Zegna sport offers a full range of sports outerwear for the man on the go. Take your pick from multifunctional to 'military inspired' looks of jackets and trousers.

Z Zegna

Z Zegna a collection of outerwear and undergarments suitable for the rigours of urban living. The collection covers suits, shirts, and shoes.

Accessories range

Apart from clothes, Ermenegildo Zegna also has a wide range of accessories to choose from.


Get inspired with dress shoes and loafers, ankle boots with calf or grained calf leather or suede laced sneakers in nappa calf leather. Fringed moccasins, plain derby or derby shoes in deerskin, taupe and dark brown suede loafers are also available.

Sunglasses and ties

Zegna offers stylish sunglasses and ties to complete outfits for the man about town.


Find reversible and adjustable cowhide leather belts, braided belts or reversible buckled belts for all your needs.


Another important part of the fashion house is the Monterubello Watch Collection. Working closely with the Girard Perregaux brand, these timepieces epitomize passion, precision, and style. Choose the multifunctional Monterubello Chronograph or the practical Monterubello Solo Tempo.


Zegna has its own in-house labels of fragrances suitable for all occasions. The collection includes fresh colognes and intense perfumes.

Style and elegance all in one house

When it's time to go for high fashion, think of luxurious Zegna designs and accessories from an impeccable and well-cut suit to a sensual and fresh fragrance. They are 'small' investments that pay off by themselves, lasting for several seasons. Zegna products are made with precision, love of the craft, and a passion for detail.

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