Zara's 2013 Spring and Summer collection also as maternity wear

Zara is probably the most popular high street fashion brand in the world, and while they also have a popular maternity clothes line, but their new 2013 Spring Summer collection can also offer smart and pratical solutions for pregnant women.

Finding the right clothes to wear during pregnancy isn’t always easy, as our bodies change month by month, even if Kim Kardashian tries, but looking beyond very specific maternity clothes, but you can also find numerous items to wear during your pregnancy also in Zara's regular 2013 Spring and Summer collection, which are suitable for all sorts of occasions in order to stay fashionable and trendy and even more importantly keep wearing even after your bundle of joy is born.

Zara has stylish array of coats and blazers, like their stylish draped flowing kimono or their simple crossover jackets that are perfect to either show off your baby bump or cover that growing tummy.

The popular Spanish fashion brand also has dozens of wide and loose dresses, both long and short, embroidered or with soft delicate prints , but also cool pastel colored tunics that you can choose from, that will make you look fresh and feel comfortable all day long, even during those hot and sticky summer days.

They also have several smart oversize knitted sweaters, also in a combination of silk and cotton. Their draped cardigans are also loose and easily wearable, and we also love their printed oversize kaftan style shirts and their printed , floral or tie dyed tank tops or the very simple, but dramatic draped tops, and also very affordable oversize linen t-shirts that come in three basic primary colors, which will allow you not only to mix and match, but allows gives you plenty of room for your bump to grow into.

Zara also has a stunning coral red silky jump suit with a tie on belt, and you keep the belt or remove it, depending how far along you are, and you’re ready for a fantastic night out on the town.

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