Zara Winter coats for women

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If you’ve waited before buying a new coat for this winter season, now is the right time to shop for one and also get the some of the best bargains, as high street label Zara has already started its winter sales.

The Spanish label has excellent selection of coats from their 2013-2014 Fall and Winter collection that have been marked down, so you now have an even better excuse to buy a new one or even add to your coat collection.

With an array of chic, casual, to classic styles to choose from, wrapping up for the chilly weather has just got a lot more interesting at Zara’s.

Pick out coat with abuckle collar and zip in navy blue which makes a nice alternative to black or why not opt for an oversize red/white on the trend checked coat that will make the most simple outfits stand out.

Tired of color blocks on the usual coats? There's always the stunning and eye-stopping tartan cape for a totally different style.

Going classic casual you’ve got the black studio duffle coat and there’s even the same style, but with a twist that has faux leather sleeves that gives it a contemporary look.

If you prefer pastels then you definitely have to see the masculine tailored studio overcoat in pale pink that will make your winter seem a little less long and shows a hope for the arrival of spring.

A classic belted coatis a chic and timeless autumn and winter style which will last for seasons to come and Zara offers a funnel model that will help create a tall, slender body shape.

There’s nothing that screams elegant as a man style navy blue pin stripe coat or a black and ecru houndstooth coat that is the perfect way to spice up an all-black outfit and will make you look fashionably trendy despite the weather.

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