Zara TRF 2013-2014 Fall and Winter preview collection

Zara's TRF is the younger, more casual side of the Spanish label’s line-up, and perfect for young women who will find chic and trendy essentials to fill their closets for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons.

The Spanish fashion giant has released a preview of their new TRF 2013-2014 Fall and Winter collection, that can easily be worn at the end of this summer season.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Zara TRF Fall Winter 2013/14 - Photo Gallery

The dresses are mostly sleeveless in light, flowing and impalpable fabrics, with numerous models to choose from, with lengths that range from mini, midi to maxi.

The colors rangefrom total black so you can add another black dress to your wardrobe, but also white and the ever exciting red, but it’s the prints that catch the eye, that are so very ‘bon ton’, but add a pair of biker boots or a lace up welly, and a leather or denim jacket, and you’ve created a whole new look and mood, that mixes the romantic with the anti-conformist rebel.

The shirts and tops are light, and feature several different prints that can be coordinated with one of trousers, but also shorts that are also included in the TRF’s huge collection of pants.

You’ll find the classical five pocket jeans in several shades of denim, that are slim styled, but also printed trousers, from florals to checks, but also skinny printed leggings and if you don’t have the legs, there are also more looser and comfortable pants

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Zara TRF Fall Winter 2013/14 - Photo Gallery

Shorts are going to be the fashion statement this Fall and Winter, and Zara proposes several models.

You’ll find models in denim - the classic summer cut-offs that we’ve all made with our old, but still favorite jeans, but there are also printed shorts and a very interesting double layer short, that is a pair of shorts, but it also features a checked mini skirt over it.

The entire preview collection is already available online .

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