Zara Spring- Summer 2014 collection highlights

Clothing and accessories retailer Zara is, year after year, the world's largest fashion retailer. Based in Spain, the affordable fashion brand continues to be a first class success thanks to its proactive attitude in production and distribution: rather then employing world renewed designers, Zara collects and listens to customers feedback in order to tailor its collections; instead of investing in millionaire advertisements campaigns, Zara prefer to open new stores where it still has not reached.

Founding its seasonal collections on the hottest trends proposed by top fashion designers, the successful and best loved European brand makes sure its customers get a choice of the most dreamed and sought after looks: your local Zara store may easily be the place where your wildest fashion dreams come true.

Take a deep breath and dive into the sheer and ethereal white that dominates the women collection: bell sleeves dresses, combined blouse with delicately see-through details,asymmetric crop tops and pencil skirts, in various degrees of white, these clothes are the stuff dreams are made of.

Black also features in the SS14 Zara women collection, bringing a touch of evergreen elegance that only the negation of light can give: whether is a whole outfit, or matched accessories and shoes, black in this collection appears as regal as ever in the wide trousers, net crop tops with strategical pockets, and the sexy open back, metal collar dress.

PHOTO GALLERY Zara for women: spring summer 2014 collection with trousers, shirts and dresses

And when the two minimalist colour par excellence collide in the Zara SS14 collection, they become a renewed version of the classic dichotomy fusing different textiles and prints, jacquard and sheers: the black & white flower print dress for instance, with its 60s cut and all contemporary mix of textures, or the stylised leaf printed midi flare skirt, perfect to wear with crop tops for a feminine casual look.


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