The exciting Zara shoe collection for summer 2012

The Spanish retailer has done it again with the Zara shoe collection for summer 2012. Gorgeous platforms, wedges, peep toe sandals, and ankle boots are just a few of the exciting items to check out this season in an array of cool, fresh, and bright colours.

Take the Leopard Wedge sold for GBP 79.99. Made from suede and nubuck leather, it features leopard prints and a side zipper perfect for that day about town. For partying or a simple get together, the Basic Peep Toe is an affordable deal at GBP 29.99. Those 15-cm heels will surely add height and a spring to your steps, not to mention that these attractive shoes come in a bright splash of red.

There's also good news to those who cannot stand heels. Zara has a vast collection of flats like the Jute Ballerina or Patent Ballerina selling for GBP 39.99. Made from cow leather, these brown or gold-coloured slip on shoes are easy to get in and out and are just what you need for city tours or endless walking.

For airy feet, have a look at the cute Flat Jelly Sandals selling for GBP 49.99. It is made from polyester and goat leather while the inner lining from cow leather. The front of the sandals is reminiscent of footwear worn by Greek goddesses fitted with a strap closure at the ankle.

Splurge on the Platform Sandal giving you the stability of platform shoes while the slinky heels add a swing to your strut. Choose from black and red colours for those formal occasions requiring a bit of glamour in your footwear. There are also light boots suitable for warmer days such as the Fringed Ankle Boot and the High Heel Crepe Ankle Boot. If you can't bear to part ways with your booties, the Cutwork Ankle Boot is a great choice with netted holes while Flat Biker Boots provide adequate protection while on a ride.

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