Zara pledges to detox its fashion line from dangerous chemicals

We all know about the dangers of pollution and hazardous chemicals released in the environment, what we might not know is that this toxic substances are also contained in the clothes we wear every day. Worried? You should be, as these harmful materials might even cause cancer.

Greenpeace has recently released a report, which warned the public about giant fashion brands using toxic dyes and pollutants during the making process of their garments. Following the news activists launched a global Detox our Fashion campaign at the end of November, to protest against manufacturers and claim their right for “fashion without pollution”.

The targeted brand for the protest was Zara, the world's largest clothing retailer, part of the Inditex group that also include famous high-street stores such as Bershka, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Zara Home, Oysho, Stradivarius and Uterque. The campaign started in Beijing, China and within days spread in 20 countries around the world, capturing the interest of the media and social networks, like Twitter.

The huge public demand for toxin-free clothing took Zara by storm, pushing the fashion giant to make a pledge to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from its products by 2020. They also agreed to remove the most dangerous substances like PFCs, which are widely used by the brand, by 2015.

Zara's commitment will be a massive step towards a greener environment, too, as pollutant are commonly dumped into waterways. By 2013 Inditex will provide a public disclosure of chemicals and facilities used by one-hundred of its suppliers, year by year, in order to establish a risk assessment and a plan to contain this problem.

It is not the first time that Greenpeace targets a global fashion company, in the past brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, M & S and H&M have all been forced to change their irresponsible behaviour towards the environment. While some big names have pledged to switch to chemical-free alternatives, others are still turning a blind eye to the problem and keep using hazardous materials.

It is not just Greenpeace activists who have to act upon this matter, it's up to all of us fashion-lovers to make the big fashion labels to hear our voice and to claim the right to wear safer, greener and environmentally friendly clothing!

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