Zara blazers, spring / summer 2012 collection

The prolific Spanish retailer, presents Zara blazers for spring/summer 2012. The women’s collection is a cornucopia of colours and hues fit for the warmer months using gentle and soft fabrics of cotton, linen, polyester, and viscose.

Take the hot Blush Pink Blazer featuring double front pockets. It's a perfect outfit for a day in town or meeting up with girlfriends. White is a popular colour for these warmer months and if you want to grab one at a reasonable price of GBP 49.99, there are several choices. The Basic Double Cloth Blazer is ideal for the office or other semi-formal functions. Put a couple of bucks on the table and you can own the Double Breasted Linen in pure white helping you keep your cool when temperatures are soaring and you still have to look smart and snappy.

Nights out can be jazzed up with the Multicoloured Studded Blazer. Although it carries a steeper price at GBP 119, it’s a smart choice for those formal events. The blazer's interwoven pattern, subtle frills and studs on the edges are pleasing to the eye. Alternatively, consider the no buttons, Fantasy Fabric Blazer with its black/white combination, easy to get in and out when the weather keeps changing. Then, there’s the delightful Sequinned Blazer in dusty pink that’s sure to keep you in fashion with its glittery embellishments and four mock pockets.

Let us not forget the men’s collection of blazers this year. The anthracite grey or blue Structure Blazer with Crest and Elbow Patches will delight young professionals looking for a formal attire. It features two button closure in front and 4 small ones on the edge of each sleeve. And all this for GBP 89.99. There’s also the cotton/linen Blazer with elbow patches in refreshing light or light grey for a different look in the boardroom or at a cocktail function. Don’t forget to check out the Linen Blazer selling for GBP 89.99 in a refreshing set of colours– sea green, sand, and soft grey.

From basic to spirited blazers, the Zara Collection for 2012 is a delightful range. Best of all, these pieces are very easy on the budget. Who says you can’t be fashionable and stylish without spending tons of money?

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