Zac Posen, Custo Barcelona: colour!

Spring means colour, vibrant, happy colour - or at least it does it does to Zac Posen and Custo Barcelona who presented two of the most eye catching spring / summer collections at New York Fashion Week yet.

Zac Posen's mantra for the season is 'colour blocking'. Blocks of bright colours that stand out on the delicate, tissuey materials on which the designer shapes his youthful creations. From sloping, to square, to mini dresses that will be the staple of any young party animal worth their martini there was something for everyone. Jewels were also a huuuge part of the show, with giant cutout necklaces, and clutches bejeweled in cutout rubies and garnets. For the older woman there were long, floaty, silhouette clinging dresses, brought to life with fabulous bright jewellery.

The spring /summer Custo Barcelona collection utilises colour in exciting ways, drawing inspiration from Africa, the Caribbean and exotic beaches. The Barcelona woman wears feather light silk shirts by day transformed into fringed, mini dresses complete with ostrich feathers and beading by night. Light, eccentric, uber-colourful and floaty are the key focuses of this crowned king of super-fun, sensual design.

Take a look at the Zac Posen and Custo Barcelona spring/ summer collections 2010 below.

Zac Posen, NY Fashion week 2010
Custo Barcelona, NY Fashion week 2010

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