YSL's ready-to-wear collection is perfect for business and leisure

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), the luxury fashion house that was once famous for its couture line, is now at the forefront of modern fashion with its stunning ready-to-wear collection. With a distinctly French feel and simple, chic lines, YSL's ready-to-wear collection can take you from a board meeting to a casual lunch with friends, and in such superb style.

What to look for in YSL's ready-to wear collection

Jackets - Yves Saint Laurent was one of the first designers to take elements of men's fashion and incorporate them into collections for women. In today's ready-to-wear YSL collection, this continues with beautifully cut jackets in muted colours, Cashmere and textured wool are the preferred fabrics, in either a one or two-button style. Match a jacket with a pair of YSL pants, and you have the perfect trouser suit for the office.

Trousers - Grey or black cashmere and wool trousers are gorgeous to pair with either a conservative-cut YSL short-sleeved cardigan for the office, or a more flamboyant peasant blouse for a birthday party.

Tops - Styles in the last few years for YSL ready-to-wear have been less sexy than decades ago and far more upscale French chic. That continues on with today's tops. Short-sleeved cardigans and blouses in high-necked styles, more suited to Juliette Binoche than Brigitte Bardot, are the mainstay of the collection.

However, before you start thinking YSL went boring, don't worry, there are lots of other surprises. Don't miss the backless and halter neck blouses in extravagant pink and grey prints, or the pink brocade waistcoat, perfect for adding a touch of colour to an otherwise dull client meeting.

Coats - Coats are where, as usual, YSL really excels. Whether it's a bright red trench coat with a cutaway hem, or a purple swingcoat, there's lots of colour to be added to any business or leisure activity.

Add a pair of YSL shoes

Don't forget about YSL shoes either. Nothing completes an outfit like a YSL wedge pump or a pair of high-heeled sandals.

Or, if supreme comfort is what you're after, YSL's classic ballerina pumps are still in style and come in the traditional black patent or a gorgeous leopard skin.

Finally, one great thing about the UK is the weather (and no, we're not joking). Being as cold as it often is, that means a pair of YSL boots in a traditional riding boot style is a great investment as, unlike other countries, you actually can wear them all year round.

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