You've Been Framed

He’s fashion's prince of punk (well, sort of - he has holes in his jeans and stuff) and he’s about to become every art-lovers pin up. It has been announced that John Galliano will be the subject of a new photography exhibition in London this November.

The exhibition, which takes place at the Wapping Project Bankside, is the product of five years collaborating with London-based photographer Zanna. Vogue reports that ‘among the images to go on show include the works Warzone House - in which Galliano is pictured sitting in an armchair in the grounds of a stately home - and Chevalier John Galliano, where the designer is photographed in a luxurious dressing room wearing a top hat.’

Galliano has been the subject of many an exhibition in his time. His flair for theatricality and keen eye for perfection has kept him, and Dior, firmly in the spotlight. Of course, he doesn’t forget the little people – he was famously inspired to create a ‘boho-meets-hobo chic’ collection for Dior after jogging past the lines of homeless people by Seine. Practically charity work really…

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