Buying guide - Youths' ski wear

Your youths' ski wear options

The basics

  1. Ski and fleece jackets
  2. Pants
  3. One-piece suits and race suits

The extras

  1. Hoodies
  2. Hats and scarves
  3. Gloves and mittens
  4. Boots (Regular and snow boots)
  5. Underwear
  6. Layering shirts
  7. Socks
  8. Helmets
  9. Goggles
  10. Hand and feet warmers
  11. Neck gators

Ski and fleece Jackets

Regular ski jackets are typically priced from $70 to $170. Colour combinations are minimal so matching with pants are easy. Jackets for boys tend to be in darker colours whereas jackets for girls are either light or bright in colour. Some jackets are reversible for a different style. Pricing for fleece jackets start from $30 to $100.

Snow/Ski pants

Pants are typically priced from $50 to $120. Some pants are reversible; so in a way, you are buying two pants for the price of one.

The brand names

The North face, Spyder, Paul Frank, Burton, Volcom, Patagonia, Giro, Oakley, Obermeyer, etc.

Where to buy

Look out for clearance sales to take advantage of ski wear that is discounted at as much as 50 per cent off regular prices. Here are some ski wear shopping sites:

  1. Skiwear4less.com
  2. SnowandRock.com
  3. Twoseasons.co.uk
  4. Skis.com
  5. Amazon.co.uk

Use a ski wear checklist

For a fun ski wear checklist, go to winterkids.com/checklist.cfm. It is not in a pdf format where you can automatically download or print but you can click 'save page as' on your browser and download it in that way. (Alternatively, convert the webpage to pdf by using an online service or via a pdf converter plug-in that you can install into your browser.)

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