How to buy youths' ski jackets

What to look for

Look for youths' ski jackets that satisfy the following:

The basics

  1. Waterproof and breathable
  2. Insulated
  3. Lined with fleece at the chin and cuffs or elasticised cuffs

The extras

  1. Comes with sleeves that can be lengthened
  2. Has a drawcord at the interior hem that is adjustable
  3. Has plenty of pockets
  4. Custom satin lining and embroidery
  5. Removable hood
  6. Reversible
  7. Recyclable

The brand names

There are many brand names in the market. Here is just a few:

  1. Spyder
  2. Burton
  3. Pentagonia
  4. Obermeyer

What are the prices?

Prices are usually in the $70, $85, $120, $150 and $170 range. Whether you are buying online or offline, buy during a sale. This will give you the best bargains. In fact, with so many skiwear shopping sites, you are sure to find jackets that are discounted as much as 50 per cent off regular retail prices.

How to get the best deals online

If it looks like you may buy again from the same online store, sign up for email updates to get informed of offers and such. Check out the shipping and refund policy before you order. And look out for free shipping.

Where to buy

Here are some sites to check out:

  1. Winterkids.com
  2. Basicskiwear.com
  3. Iskishop.com
  4. Skimania.co.uk
  5. Tresspass.co.uk

Use a ski trip buying guide

Go to e-serviceconcepts.com/sitefeatures/bsw/skitripchecklist.pdf to download a ski trip checklist that you can use. Confused with all the terms of skiwear? Go to basicskiwear.com/glossary-of-skiwear-terms.html to update yourself on the terms for jacket, pants, glove, goggle and so on.

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