You got the silver Oscar

Fashion fans hoping that Oscar night would provide plenty of sartorial disasters (we think the polite term is 'brave choices') to chuckle over - remember Bjork and her 'fashion forward' swan dress, or Celine and her backwards suit? - will be disappointed: this year's Oscar dresses were on the whole beautiful, elegant and sophisticated. Yes - we're as upset as you are...

The predominant colour was silver and the most popular shape, strapless and full length - with more than a hint of bridalwear. What is it about awards ceremonies that makes participants think they're taking part in a mass wedding?

Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and best actress winner Sandra Bullock all plumped (if you can 'plump for' while looking entirely lithe and toned) for elegant silver creations, with Sandra taking it a little too far and dressing as Oscar himself. Our picks of the night were Brit Carey Mulligan in Prada, and Maggie Gyllenhaal's gorgeous Dries Van Noten column dress - providing a welcome splash of colour.

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