You cannot be serious! Tennis legends bond over pants

The tennis world looked on in disbelief as former on-court rivals Björn Borg and John McEnroe announced that they were collaborating on a joint venture yesterday.

Thirty years on from their last electrifying Wimbledon final, the former tennis stars stood by the boating lake at Wimbledon to promote their limited-edition range of jersey boxer briefs. In case there was any doubt that the former adversaries had really put their differences behind them they stood in front of a huge backdrop which was emblazoned with Björn hearts John. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough there were also four very buff male models reclining in deckchairs on a jetty wearing – you guessed it – nothing but pants.

Borg has been sidelining in male underwear for well over a decade now, but teaming up with McEnroe on the finals weekend at Wimbledon was an inspired publicity stunt which is doubtless going to cause sales to skyrocket. With proceeds going to the John and Patty McEnroe foundation the pair really are on to a winner. After all those tantrums, it’s a case of love all after all.

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