Yohji's dream

One of fashion's most radical and influential designers, Yohji Yamamoto, has become the subject of a new documentary that offers a sneek glimpse into this notoriously private artist's life.

The documentary follows Yamamoto through the process of creating a collection for his label Y-3, trailing the team as they work tirelessly in the run up to the label's catwalk show. Director Theo Stanley tells Vogue: 'It was a privilege to have the opportunity to spend some time with Yohji Yamamoto in the process of making the documentary film,Yohji Yamamoto: This Is My Dream. The project presented its challenges, as Yohji is a very private person and has maintained this privacy despite being one of the intriguing working artists and designers of our time. We needed to enter this world as an outsider but leave with images and words that allowed an intimate glimpse to this man's interior.'

Watch a trailer for the documentary here:

YOHJI YAMAMOTO: THIS IS MY DREAM from Huge Conglomerate on Vimeo.

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