Best styles of yoga pants for women in the UK

If you are into yoga and would like to feel comfortable while doing your stretching exercises, you must know the importance of buying the right clothes. For example, yoga pants for women in the UK come in different styles, designs and prices; it might be difficult to narrow down your choices. We tell you how to choose the best and comfiest trousers for your yoga and meditation sessions.

Tips to consider

When buying yoga pants for women in the UK, consider the following factors:

  • - Comfort fit

In order to perform yoga, the individual must wear comfortable yoga pants to be able to do the breathing exercises and meditation moves. However, comfort fit does not mean loose fit. The wearer must feel comfortable while wearing pants, but they should not fall off the wearer.

  • - Go for fabrics that are breathable

Breathable fabrics are appropriate for yoga practitioners so exercises can be done in comfort. The materials let the body breathe and sweat escape to keep temperatures low. Cotton is a good choice, but alone, it does not provide true comfort. In addition, the fabric shrinks after several washes. Manufacturers usually provide a cotton-spandex combination. Spandex is a synthetic fiber, but it gives yoga pants flexibility. In other words, it provides more comfort since the fabric stretches and overall, the blend of spandex and cotton gives yoga pants for women ideal characteristics: durability and comfort.

Another choice fabric for yoga pants is micro fiber. It is a synthetic fabric, but is lightweight and soft. Moreover, it has a good moisture control property.

  • - Choose the right pair of pants

Hunt for yoga pants with elastic waistbands. Since you have to do all sorts of moves and different positions, elastic waist bands allow you to do yoga without worrying about zips that can hurt or buttons that might pop.

  • - Get trousers that fit well

For sizes, take a careful look at the chart offered by the manufacturer. If you can try them on, the better. However, if you are buying them online, pay attention to the sizing chart as clothing manufacturers differ in sizes offered especially across markets. Snug yet comfortable should be the ideal fit for free movement. The length of the pants should just reach above the calves or ankles.

Brands and place to buy

Nike (store.nike.com), Lululemon Athletica (lululemon.co.uk) and Gap (gap.co.uk) are some stores and brands that sell yoga pants for women in the UK. The Wunder Under Pant Full on Luon and the Wunder Under Crop Reversible sells for £72. You can also buy cropped pants for yoga activities costing £68. Nike training capris cost £55, trousers £39, and training trousers £60. Gap yoga pants cost from £24.95 to £34.95.

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