yeti snow boots - funky and stylish!

Yeti snow boots have graced the feet of many a celebrity. Glamour girls such as Jordan and Jodie Marsh have been photographed with furry yeti boots and not necessarily in the winter either! Yeti boots are generally a snow boot with extra long fur or a hair synthetic covering them.

When you run a search for yeti boots on eBay, you'll be amazed at how many styles and price ranges there are. Brands such as Roxy have hairy moon boots that come in a variety of colours such as pink, cream and black. These boots are currently all on eBay under various auctions and the prices are standing between £10 and £15 with still time left to bid. If you're not interested in getting into a bidding war and you just want the boots now, there are "buy it now" options available which will see you spend £12.99 for black thermal yeti boots or £23.45 for retro style yeti apres ski boots. eBay is a great place for bagging yourself a bargain but only buy from trusted sellers and the way that you'll know this is by checking their feedback ratings.

Surfshop.org.uk also have furry yeti boots on offer. Some of the products listed on this site are also linked to eBay.This site specialises in the well known surfer brands such as Animal, Roxy and Quiksilver so the items are trendy yet affordable.

When buying online, always protect yourself, only shop with sites that accept payment by Paypal and that allow returns.

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