Yeti boots: unique and stylish

Yeti boots: unique and eye-catching

When you’re dressing for winter it’s important to wear protective footwear: yeti boots are both insulating and eye-catching. Most snow boots are fairly functional and uninteresting, built for comfort rather than style.

Yeti boots are guaranteed to keep your feet warm as toast. They also look fabulous.

Outlets specialising in yeti boots

As with many items, a great place to begin looking for excellent deals is to visit the world’s largest online auction marketplace, eBay (www.ebay.co.uk). Amongst the yeti boots currently on offer are Ladies Retro Yeti Yetti Fur Snow Ski Apres Winter Boots. These are available at for a ‘buy it now’ rate of £21.95 (with £3.45 postage). The colour of the faux fur is grey flecked with black, and these come in small, medium or large sizes. As with other yeti boots, the overall look is of an animal felt, offering supreme comfort and insulation.

Zalando (www.zalando.co.uk) offer a terrific variety of these yeti boots. Retailing at £139.95 (with free postage), you can order a pair of their Nat-2 yeti snow boots. Although the outward appearance of this footwear is like animal fur, the material is entirely synthetic. Internally, the boots are lined with 100% polyester. Importantly for snow boots, the soles are abrasion-proof leather.

A slightly cheaper yeti boot option is the Merrell Katia snow boot, retailing at £120.00. This is modelled on the type of durable winter footwear utilised by Arctic dwellers (perhaps Lapps or Siberians!) with faux fur wrapped in leather lacing.

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