Yasmin and Amber Le Bon front Yamamay's 2014 Basic Collection and Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

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Italian swimwear and lingerie brand Yamamay has decided to launch their new 2014 Basic Collection with Yasmin and Amber Le Bon fronting the new ad campaign, but the mother and daughter model team also joined forces in helping Yamamay in a social campaign to raise breast cancer awareness in Italy.

Yamamay in association with Italian League for the Fight against Cancer (LILT) has launched their campaign dubbed, “Cancer Has No Age: You Too can Prevent it ” calls attention to the fact that breast cancer can affect women of all ages.

The campaign is part of Italy’s National cancer prevention Week that goes from March 16 to 23.

The splendid Yasmin, 49 has been a longtime supporter of breast cancer prevention because her mother suffered from the disease before her death, and she previously fronted Avon’s 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness campaign which encouraged women to incorporate checking their breasts as part of their daily beauty routine.

The Yamamay campaign was shot by renowned Italian photographer Giovanni Gastel who put the supermodel mother and eldest daughter (she’s 25) together in an elegant and fascinating photoshoot for Yamamay’s new Basic collection 2014.

The collection features lingerie in neutral colors in microfibre or elegant lace fabrics for timeless and ageless items, that are dedicated to young girls and older women at the same time, so the collection can meet the needs and demands of all their customers.

“It was fantastic to work with Amber,” said Yasmin Le Bon. “My daughters remind me how much I want to be present in their lives. Don’t underestimate your health, our life is precious and check your health regularly. Undergo check-ups regularly, because knowledge is everything.”

The last time Yasmin and Amber joined modelling forces was for Monsoon’s spring/summer 2013 campaign to launch the Limited Edition Heritage Collection to celebrate the brand's 40th anniversary.

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