Yamamay's exciting new jewellery collection for Fall and Winter 2013-2014

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Italian fashion brand Yamamay doesn’t only offer sexy lingerie, stunning swimwear and cosy nightwear they also have their own makeup collection with a large range of products and fashionable jewellery.

While most women would prefer the real thing, fashion jewellery has become very upscale and often has unique designs. The grande dame herself, Coco Chanel, popularized the use of faux gold and pearls, so what was good for Mademoiselle Coco will be perfect for us.

Fashion jewellery can provide numerous affordable and stylish ideas to complement a particular garment and help make an entire outfit click together.

Yamamay’s Beauty presents an ample selection of chic looking bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings that follows all the Fall and Winter fashions trends, so we can be as trendy as we want and we can also find smart and inexpensive gift ideas, now that Christmas is a little more than a month away.

The 2013-2014 Yamamay Fall and Winter Beauty collection is divided into four different themes, all with a strong visual impact, and one or all of them items will no doubt tickle any of your accessorizing moods.

First off there’s Chic Gold. Shiny and glamorous detailed designs which can offer solutions for both day and night wear, and like its name suggests features detailed gold colored jewellery.

Art Decò, instead features a distinctive vintage style for women who like a more classic retro type of design, while Urban Ethnic takes its inspiration from a more exotic world, but mixed with a trendy urban style.

Brillant Stones is the last line of fashion jewellery that Yamamay has in store for us this Fall and Winter 2013-2014 and features faux stones in dark or light colors for a very sophisticated look.

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