If you need some wool care tips then we can help you out

Unlike most other fabrics and materials out there these days, you can't simple throw wool clothing into the washing machine and drier and hope for the best. If you want to keep your clothes in peak condition then this set of wool care tips should certainly go a long way to helping.

In order to make sure that your wool products don't lose their quality, we have a number of great wool care tips for you to follow. If you stick to this guide then your clothes should stay looking their best for an awful lot longer than they otherwise may have.

It is always recommended that you hand wash all your wool clothing rather than using a washing machine and tumble drier. This certainly makes your life a lot more difficult, especially given the fact that hand washing can be quite time consuming, but unless you fancy dropping your wool clothes into a professional cleaner whenever they get dirty, it's going to be your most economic choice.

When washing your wool garments, it is recommended that you carefully select any shampoo or softeners prior to beginning, since some can have adverse effects on the qualify of the wool when you are done.

The trick to hand washing wool is to get as much practice in as possible. We recommend starting with an old wool item that you don't mind damaging. Fill your sink with hot water - temperature doesn't matter that much. It can be as hot as you like, but make sure that it's comfortable to handle.

The real key to success is to gently place the wool item under the water. You don't want to be rough, or swish it around or rub dirty spots. Carefully add detergent with a tea spook, making sure to distribute it evenly and let the item soak for a few hours.

Empty the water from the sink carefully, making sure not to stress the wool, before adding clean hot water until you are sure you have removed all the detergent from the clothing (again, be as gentle as possible, the key to wool care is to ensure you don't agitate the fabric).

Finally, allow the clothing to drain by placing it on a flat surface, wrapped with a towel so as to aid the drying process.

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