Womens winter boots are coming back!

Womens winter boots are consigned to the back of the wardrobe at this time of year but, as we all know, the summer doesn't last nearly long enough so while sandals adorn pretty feet at the minute, the boots will be making a reappearance pretty soon! Winter boots can be sexy, practical or both depending on what you're going to team them with.

Ugg boots are always a winter wonderland as they offer comfort, warmth and a surprisingly good grip on the snow and ice! The versatility of Uggs means that they can be an all year round addition which might justify the hefty price tag. Some stores such as TK Maxx sell lower budget versions which are of high quality and may suit your purposes equally well.

Knee high boots again can be worn all year round but tend to be more prevalent in the winter when women tend to layer up when going clubbing or socialising. Autumnal colours such as browns, greens and black feature strongly in winter fashion and therefore boots will feature them also. Every season has a new heel trend but they might not always be practical!

Winter boots generally fit in with most items in your wardrobe which means you can get a lot of wear out of them. Skinny and bootcut jeans are designed with boots in mind and winter wardrobes usually contain at least one longline jumper that goes with everything. Boots can give a drab outfit an instant fashion fix which is why selecting the right pair is so important!

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