What to look for in womens walking boots

Hills and fells, mountain paths, holiday hikes or walking the dog… if you’re looking to invest in a pair of walking boots, shopping around can be a little daunting, as there are so many types to choose from!

If you’re planning on doing some everyday walking such as going out with the dog or strolling in the park, then lightweight boots are probably most suitable. As you are not expected to climb mountains with them, they are light and easy to wear and have plenty of padding, with comfort being the main feature.

Always opt for breathable boots to prevent moisture build-up and keep your feet feeling fresh.

However, if you hope to embark on more strenuous walking adventures, you will need a heavier duty boot and something which can withstand the extra weight from a backpack. These walking boots tend to be heavier to wear, but provide more protection so you can tackle rough terrain. Check out the soles to make sure your feet will be adequately cushioned against protruding rocks and crags.

At the top end of the scale, you will need seriously heavy duty boots if you are taking up mountaineering. These tend to be a lot stiffer with extra support and durability and can be used with crampons for traction on icy cliffs.

Womens walking boots come in various types and thicknesses of waterproofed leather, including nubuck and suede, while lighter models often have a combination of leather and nylon. The leather tends to be a lot more rigid for heavy duty walking to provide maximum protection.

Happy shopping – and walking!

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