Trendy Womens Ski Jackets with Fake Fur

Finding the perfect, not too expensive women's ski jackets with fur can seem almost impossible but it really doesn't have to be.

For example, check out backcountry.com a website dedicated solely to outdoor gear. They have a full selection of women's jackets, including ski jackets lined with fur starting at a very reasonable price range of $100 up to $400 with free shipping, even to the UK.

An example of their gorgeous products is the The North Face Bettie Jacket in Fissure Green, a stylish teal with a tan rabbit fur-like hood. On sale for 40% off the original price of $278.95 it is currently only $167.37. It features Heatseeker insulation, a two layer water proof shell, and even a Pants-a-lock system, which will keep the jacket from riding up while you are skiing.

Another place to find women's ski jackets with fur is bargainboards.co.uk. Bargain boards sells lifestyle gear for the active skater, snow boarder, water skier or bmx'er in your life. With their current sale you can save as much as 69% off women's jackets from popular brands like Burton, Spyder, DC, Avalon, 686 and more. One of their jackets for sale this season is the Rome CLOUT Snowboard Jacket in Black Grid, a curious dark grey pattern with green grids.

At only £94.99, a 41% discount off the usual price of £160, this jacket is not only unique and stylish, it is also designed specifically for active women who actually want to ski, not just look cute.

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