Women's plus size leather jackets

Feeling a bit overweight doesn't mean you have to give up on one of the coolest wardrobe staple ever! Enjoy the rock&roll freedom in style that only a true leather jacket can donate, take a look at some of the option out there in our short guide on women's plus size leather jackets.


Genuine or artificial leather, the choice is your. If you'd rather not hurt animals, be inspired by this accommodating take on the traditional biker's jacket: in black PU, the black biker jacket by So Fabulous! will drape from your shoulder and flatter by widening your them while and slimming your waist. Edgy and glamorous, rock it with any style for added rebellion. Available at Very.co.uk for £45.

If you plain want the real deal, best option is to visit Biker Paradise Coventry website: they offer plus size motorcycle clothing to fit you properly that don't cost the earth. Their very classic Womens Warrior Jacket is a biker's dream and a classic. Heavy duty, 1.3 cowhide leather. With its top quality zips and stitching, 100% cotton lined for safety and comfort, this is a High quality leather jacket that looks good, feels good and ride smart! Available only in black at Bike Paradiese for £195 or discounted at £129 if you are lucky to catch a promotion! When choosing size, remember that genuine quality leather requires a snug fit as it becomes more comfortable with wear. All clothing at Biker Paradise are true to the size as they appear on their size chart.

Need something different? At Shop Style there's a whole range of plus size leather jackets in several designs, from lovely to lioness, from funky to feisty and from the likes of Calvin Klein, Marina Rinaldi and Michael Kors. But don't worry, fab and glam plus size leather jackets here start from £19.99 only! Don't believe us? Take your virtual tour from here and enjoy your real style shopping!

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