Women's fur lined snow boot - Uggs, eat your heart out!

Women's fur lined snow boot would not have been on many girls shopping lists a few years ago but, after the heavy snow last winter, there's now a recognised need for serious advance preparation! Already the met office is forecasting snow for as early as October which doesn't leave much time to update the wardrobe while stocking up on coal and oil!

Traditionally when you think of fur lined boots you think of Ugg boots or even the Ugg replicas. Ugg boots are lined with sheepskin so they do keep your feet very warm and they are snow resistant which does make them a good choice for winter footwear but the price tag is quite steep. The Ugg tall classic boots will cost you as much as £220.

You can buy replica Uggs or boots based on that style but they will be lined with a synthetic fabric so it's not going to be as effective and it's going to be lower quality. TK Maxx stock the Bear Paw brand boots. These boots start at only £39.99 and are very good value for money. They don't differ much in appearance from the Uggs but the difference in the price tags is huge!

Shoetail.co.uk offer a black fur lined waterproof boot. The  recommended retail price of these boots is £34.99 but this site sells them for only £29.99. They are advertised as being great for activities such as walking the dogs and they also suggest that you buy them in a size larger than you would normally take to allow for added comfort.

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