Fashion guide for women: what to wear on a first date

It’s not only men who are wondering, women also want to look their best and know what to wear on a first date. After all, it’s that occasion to make impressions stick and maybe take the relationship further. It’s all you see when you first make contact apart from the conversation that is soon to follow. We explain to women why knowing what to wear on a first date is important.

Style hints

  • Clothes

If you're one of those women thinking what to wear on a first date, bear in mind that every detail is important. Choose a dress that will enhance your attributes, without appearing cheap, coy, and too revealing. An elegant dress or a pantsuit can make an evening bright. You can show a bit of décolletage without revealing too much. Men will be men and you can make it easier on them to focus on the conversation without getting sidetracked or distracted by your bosom. A mid-knee skirt or a long dress with a revealing slit are other great choices. Again, depending on where you go and what you are doing, casual elegant clothes will make a good start.

  • Accessories

1. Shoes - Shoes are a girl’s best friend because they can really give that outfit the big oomph. Remember though that your activity and meeting place should also dictate what shoes you should wear. If you’re going to a park, running around in stilettos is a faux-pas as well as wearing high slit gowns unless you’re going to a ball or a theatre.

2. Shawl, stole, scarf - These make attractive accessories and go well with any outfit. They enhance the appearance of clothes without making them look loud and ludicrous. In addition, they prepare you if your date changes plans such as deciding to go for a walk or eating out in the balcony and the weather is cool.

3. Jewellery - It’s always nice to wear a little bling to complement your overall outfit. Don’t go overboard and avoid those long dangling earrings which can get tangled in your hair, shirts or jumpers or at worst, his clothes when you get too close.

4. Makeup - Unless you are one of those types who never wear makeup then use it to your best advantage. Of course when you met the guy without or little makeup, then it’s probably normal to present the same face. Don’t overdo it though and try to do the same makeup when you first met. After all, he might have difficulties picking you out. It’s that girl that he liked enough to ask out, then it should be the same girl you should try to project. As a rule, less is more so do your best to cover your weak spots and enhance your features.

5. Scent - A hint of perfume is always great idea, but don’t use the entire bottle on yourself just to make a good impression. Again, less is more so a dab of your favourite perfume under your ears and wrists and maybe on your hair is enough to make it alluring.


Women might know what to wear on a first date, but there’s a cardinal rule that should not be forgotten: grooming. Therefore, shape those eyebrows, comb your hair well, take off that nail polish if it’s chipped and wear neat clothes. Do not leave everything to chance and make sure that your clothes are clean and smelling good. Polish shoes and make sure hosiery does not run. Just in case, carry a couple of spare ones in your purse for quick remedies.

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