Women obsessing over thigh gap

How times have changed. Once if you had a space between your lthighs you were either naturally very skinny or you wear born with bane of having crooked legs, instead thigh gap that's what it's called today, has become the latest craze for body conscious teens and young women and the trend is being fuelled by the social networks.

Thigh gap is just the latest and oddest beauty benchmark that women have impossibly set out for themselves wanting to emulate the likes of skinny models such as the evergreen Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Candice Swanepoel and Eleanor Calder who have become the icons of the perfect gap.

With the exponential rise in interest, especially amongst teens wanting to obtain the gap, how-to tips have flourished like crab grass with tips like avoiding certain leg exercises and that once loved Stairmaster that helps tone legs, thighs and buttocks has become taboo, as it adds muscle and that doesn't look good in skinny jeans and shorts.

However the biggest worry is that teens and young women with low self-esteem, and body image issues and under mounting peer pressure will take unorthodox diet advice or starve themselves to get that hollow and that it could take them down the road to serious eating disorders and anorexia.

Embracing the thigh gap craze may seem so very chic now, and hopefully it'll turn out to be another six week wonder, but those super skinny models will have fuel for thought, as will advertisers if they read a recent study carried out by Warwick Business School.

Apparently the study found that adverts with skinny waif like models and celebrities close to the product that they are trying to endorse turned off women, more than other body shaped models, making women feel bad about themselves and putting them on the defensive and transfering their bad feelings about the model to the product and effecting purchasing.

According to Dr. Tamara Ansons, who worked on the study, women responded most positively towards ads that put the emphasis on the product with the model in the background.

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