women in jeans, a never ending love story..

Women jeans, jeans for women, women in jeans.. The wardrobe coupling that's like Marks and Spencers.. The vast majority of women, and I really mean vast majority, have at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe. Many women have several pairs that they use for various purposes.. The "going out in" jeans, the jeans for work, the "I'm feeling bloated" jeans and the most beloved, well broken in jeans. As women's jeans are such a wardrobe staple, it stands to reason that designers are constantly trying to update them, to change the shape or to introduce a new hue.

Where to start? The answer is simple, dress for your shape. Skinny jeans look good on almost anyone, if you're conscious of your bum you can simply team them with this seasons floaty top or blazer for an instant style update. If you're lucky enough to feel confident with your body, you can wear skinny jeans with vest tops or even midriff skimming crop tops.

Another alternative is the high waisted jeans, they cover a multitude of sins including muffin tops and are designed for comfort. This season its all about the flares...flares in light blue denim worn with gypsy tops or chiffon blouses, flares in dark blue denim with fitted nautical cardigans or even flares in white denim with a colour pop tee and accessories.

The range is astounding and the choice is yours to make...skinnys with flats and a luxe zip top for daytime or classy flares with a sheer blouse and a pussycat bow? Decisions decisions....

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