Women dedicate years of their lives to shopping

Well, it could be a lot worse...according to Perez Hilton, the average woman spends up to three years of their lives shopping. This sounds like a huge waste of a life, when we could be out saving the rainforest, but if you consider that we also spend a third of our lives asleep, and 38 days brushing our teeth, it suddenly seems an incredibly wise investment of time.

Perez fills in the details: 'women spend over 25,000 hours shopping for clothes, food, accessories and household goods...after breaking it down, it turns out women spend the most hours shopping for groceries followed by shopping for clothes. On average, women were found to make about 300 shopping trips. Even window shopping takes up time with an estimate of 51 trips being made without purchasing anything.'

51 trips without a purchase? Now that's what we call a waste...

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