Wintour wants weddings...

Has the heart of the ice-queen of New York's fashion elite melted? Behind the perfectly (ice) sculpted bob, ever-present sunglasses and at times rictus smile, Anna Wintour mans the helm at Vogue with unnerving genius, one eye locked on future trends and a no-nonsense attitude.

But when it comes to inequality, it seems that the lady with the most enviable job in the industry of couture knows when to take a stand.

Recently, Anna signed up to the 'New Yorkers for Marriage Equality' initiative, that hopes to give gay men and women in New York a chance to get wed and live happily ever after in matrimony. Along side other big names in fashion and show business, such as Julianne Moore and Kenneth Cole, Wintour has publicly lent her name to the campaign, we learnt from Vogue Online.

''I'm Anna Wintour in support of Marriage Equality,' she says in the video [for the campaign's website:www.hrc.org/NY4marriage]. 'As far as I'm concerned, having the right to say 'I do' is as fundamental as the right to vote. The time is now. Please join me in supporting marriage equality for all New Yorkers.''

NY's LGBT community won't have long to wait to see if this fantasy can indeed become reality: the current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing for the gay marriage legislation to be passed at a scheduled Government vote in June this year.

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