Kids winter jackets for the UK chill

Kids love the snow and ice. At least they do until they notice that they can't feel their fingers and toes any more. After two winters of whiteout, it might be an idea to make sure the little ones are ready with their winter jackets. UK stockists offer a wide range of outdoors wear to resist those freezing temperatures.

Trekwear (trekwear.co.uk) offers specialist ski and mountain clothing that is ideal for snowy winters. Snap up one of their Dare 2b Band Wagon children's ski jackets, made from waterproof and breathable fabric with a water repellent finish. There is a detachable snowskirt, which makes it perfect for sledging. They come in bright pink, orange or yellow banded designs at a markdown price of £59.95

Raindrops (raindrops.co.uk) developed their winter jackets for the Scandinavian market, so they can cope with the UK climate quite happily. Their BK 951142 Winter Jacket has a unique thermal lining to keep the warmth in without needing the restrictive bulk of hefty padding. These jackets are designed to withstand a chill factor of -15 degrees, so you should be fine unless you are holidaying in Greenland. Prices start at £45.

Small boys will love the Hatley Blue Labs Boys Fleece Jacket. It's soft and warm with a fun animals motif. A matching hat and mittens set is also available. The jacket is £27 from Amazon (amazon.co.uk) which stocks a wide range of kids winter jackets. UK next day delivery is possible to most addresses.

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