Winter fashion boots - give your wardrobe an instant glamour fix!

Winter fashion boots can be anything from the ever popular Ugg boots to the knee length and chunky heel variety. The current winter trends include boots lined with shearling, leather knee length boots with a block heel and wedge heeled suede boots. However pretty stilettos may look in the summer months they're not practical in sub zero temperatures!

The high street stores such as River Island and New Look all have their own websites and you can look through their online catalogues. You can either buy directly from the site or use the locator options which display your local store. These sites do run special promotions however that you won't find in the shops. There are boots to suit every budget depending on where you're looking. While you can expect to pay £110 for leather knee high boots from River Island, New Look currently have ankle boots reduced from £29.99 to only £19.99. Stores like Penneys offer good value products for budget friendly prices. Knee length boots can be bought for as little as £14.99 and Ugg style boots for only £6!

If you're not quite sure what style you're looking for then having a look on eBay might give you some ideas! International sellers have all kinds of winter boots to suit every price range. You can opt to buy new boots or choose from pre owned footwear from private sellers. Buy with confidence from trusted high rating eBay stores. Always pay with Paypal and make sure that the person you're buying from will accept returns if necessary.

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