Winter coats 2013 2014 trends for men

The latest catwalk show parading winter coats for 2013 2014 showed fashion trends for men who are on the lookout for distinct styles. From classics and retro to military and sports, this season’s collection will delight men with different tastes and styles. We walk you through the trends dominating the fashion scene.


When it comes to winter coats for 2013 2014, certain fashion trends for men make a comeback each season. Innovative and novel concepts also appear on the scene in the form of accessories, materials, colours and embellishments.

  • Classics forever

For example, classics are always there whether it’s a parka or anorak you are looking for. Classical designs include jackets with figure fitting or straight design which may come with a belt or not.

  • Accessories

Fall in love with an asymmetrical buckle belt or quilted coats to prepare for the cold. Check out down padded coats and jackets. These are mainstays of any winter season guaranteed to keep you toasty and stylish even when temperatures are dropping consistently. Choose from classic long or sports models of capes, anoraks, coats and jackets.

  • Fur is in

You can also try coats with fur collars as well as sample different styles and designs from duffle to pea coats. For a trendy style, try capes which not only look stylish but also practical.

  • Materials

Coats made out of sheepskin are in vogue cut in the traditional style. Wear elegant and unique outerwear embellished with an asymmetrical zipper or a wrap over. Coats with a lacquered surface or a worn look are also in. There are plenty of designers who work with leather, suede, wool and fabrics for jackets and winter coats.

  • Colours

This season’s colours are predominantly black, white, gray, brown, red, yellow and green. Contrasting colours make a bold fashion statement such as black and white or intense red with black or white. When it comes to prints, check stripes, abstract and geometric figures are popular. You might also dare to be different and wear a large animal picture.

A source of inspiration

Hence, whether you are going for the classic cut or decide to spice up your outerwear, the winter coats 2013 2014 collection showing trends for men fashionistas will guide you. At best, the collection will show you what’s available out there in case you decide to go for a different look this fall and winter seasons.

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