How to look fabulous in wide legged trousers

Fashion styles come and go and this is true for wide legged trousers. For those who are not big fans of the skinny look, these trousers are great options. They are easy to slip on and off, roomy, look great and are easy to wear. It's a matter of trying a few tricks to create a fabulous effect.


1. Use the best features of the trousers

Hight waists in wide legged trousers flatter the height and give the impression that you are taller. However, if you have a curvy figure, these trousers might not work well for you as bulges are very visible. Opt for a pair that does not sit too high on the waist.

2. Put on flattering footwear

Wearing flat shoes with wide legged trousers makes you look odd, although there are some people who can get away with it. Clogs, wedges and slinky pumps go well with wide legged trousers, boosting heights and complementing a lean silhouette.

3. Use fitted tops and cropped jackets

Short and fitted tops such as shirts and blouses are smart-looking. Cropped jackets and blazers also complete the look and give a touch of elegance. For variation, try loose smocks for a feel reminiscent of the 70s.

4. Watch out for the hems

Avoid folding the hems. Instead, cut the trousers so that they are just one to one-a-half inches off the ground. Long hems are not only unpleasant-looking, they make you look careless and sloppy.

5. Add accessories

Depending on how you want to play your look, accessories are great to have. Adding a belt when there are belt loops on the trousers looks smart. Handbags are staples for any outfit. A clutch bag in shimmering satin is suitable for dressing up your outfit while shoulder bags and totes are more casual. The 70s look used a lot of large jewellery such as hoops and bangles. However, smaller pieces will also do the trick and bring a sense of understated elegance.

Not for everyone

Wide legged trousers can have a fabulous effect on any wearer, from defining waists to boosting heights. If worn correctly and with the right accessories, they look smashing when the lines are well defined and the trousers fall smoothly. While they are not for everyone, they are a refreshing fashion alternative.

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