Where to buy wide calf wellington boots

More and more clothes and footwear designers are finally accepting the fact that are many more larger people requiring larger and wider sized shoes. This is making it easier for those with wide calves to access well fitting boots and shoes.

Where to Buy Wide Calf Wellington Boots

The best place to find a decent pair of wide calf wellington boots is to head to town. Most shoe shops, sports wear shops and garden centres will sell as wide range of boots in multiple colours to suit all shapes and sizes. The average departments store should stock plenty of wellington boots in their outdoor section. Sailing shops and sports centres will also stock wellington boots.

Find Cheap Wide Calf Wellington Boots

The cheapest and most convenient way to shop for wide calf wellington boots is to shop on the internet. There are many different websites and online stores which specialise in wellington boots for larger people. Here are some examples of where to shop online: Wellies Wide UK (extra wide for sporty types or larger people), Wedge Welly UK (wide wellies just £25) and Easy Wellies UK (great collection of stylish wide wellies).

Amazon currently offer a fabulous range of designs and colourful wellies for men and women, with prices starting from as little as £19.99. Wide calf festival wellies available from £35, to help you look great despite the mud! In addition, women with wider calves can now choose stylish, affordable boots from Marisota UK, which specialises in clothing, footwear and accessories for curvy women.

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