Why Your Underwear May Be Bad For Your Health

Wearing pants is considered essential in our female existence, and we spend a lot of money on them. So could you just not wear them? According to experts, there are some health benefits to be had with going panty-less Let’s see…

Ta’rah thrush!

So many women experience thrush and other yeast infections. Wearing underwear, particularly if your collection is tight and of a synthetic material persuasion, can provoke a nasty yeast infection. This is because the heat and moisture your area naturally produces is confined, helping vagina bacteria to multiply. It also creates friction, which can lead to said infections as well, especially if you shave without due care and attention.


A thong is a seriously overrated piece of garment. When it’s not fairly uncomfortable, it’s spreading bacteria from your colon to your vagina. Yes ladies, as your thong is so localised it can spread the bacteria typically found there, such as E. coli, straight to your vaginal ruining all the hydrangeas.

The moist-maker

When we exercise, wear synthetic fabrics and other flammable materials (lace for example) or during our time of the month (especially if you use pads), moisture can build up. This can cause infections such as thrush, bacterial vaginosis (thrush’s best friend), UTIs and other pleasantries. If the thought of wearing no underwear fills you with dread, another option is to wear good old practical cotton underwear, to prevent your risk of a bacterial infection.


Tight uncomfortable underwear can harbour nasties and cause infections such as thrush, as explained above. Bodycons and shapers can cut off circulation around your body causing abdominal pain…and it takes about a year to go to the bathroom.

The Going Commando Guide

There are a number of rules you should follow in order to prevent your neither regions from experiencing any problems.

1. Be wary of tight trousers and shorts when going commando. Your pants may actually provide a welcomed barrier between the chafing material and your area.

2. Go free at bedtime. Some women benefit from the airy breeze. According to experts women who suffer with chronic vaginitis are prone to vaginal yeast infections. This is due to the warm atmosphere beneath the sheets again harbouring vagina bacteria.

3. Never ever use products supposedly made for your vagina! Your vagina is self-cleaning, it doesn’t need the scented specialised deodorant or wet wipes

4. Keep your undies fresh. Have a spring-clean of your underwear drawer and be ruthless. Cotton underwear is considered the best for vaginal health.

So let your mini me be free! Investing in comfortable undies, ones that allow you to breathe or simply wearing nothing at all can help to avoid infections and keep your area as happy as a clam (had to be done).

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