Why, oh why?

We love Adidas here at Fashion Junkie: if we had to pick a trainer for whatever occasion we would always go with the classics that those crafty Germans carved out of leather and various synthetic materials – who knew that our Teutonic cousins could be so stylish?

However, despite their undoubted place in the history books as one of the leading lights of street fashion, they’ve made a series of dreadful errors recently, number one of which was the hideous Star Wars range. Man alive was that a terrible set of geek-pleasing monstrosities they were, yet they’re not quite the worst we’ve ever seen.

That title belongs to your man Gerry McKay, who decided it would be a good idea to ruin the Adidas Superstars, a stone-cold classic in the world of trainers, in ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ trainers. But why, why, why??? That, readers, is something only he can answer. We can only look on in horror.

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