Who's going to win our first edition of Style Wars - Amy or Scarlett?

What could be better than an ivory coloured strapless dress?

Nothing, according to both Scarlett Johansson and Amy Adams, who chose the same style dress (different designers of course) for the Los Angeles Shorts Festival and the premiere of the film ‘Julie and Julia’. But who worked the outfit best?

We love Scarlett – does she ever put a stylish stilettoed foot wrong? Unlike other fashion victims, she just looks hot, hot, hot, all the time. At the LA Shorts Festival, she looked great in a Prada dress, gold jewellery, and red lips and nails. Hot! We love it. Could she get any better?

Less exciting was Amy Adams at the premiere of ‘Julie and Julia’. Ok so she was looking kinda good but just didn’t grab us like the lovely Scarlett. Her dress – ‘Aphrodite’ by Roland Mouret – was great, but didn’t work on the redhead. Her shoes – pumps by Brian Atwood – were cool too, but, um, suede shoes, in summer? No thanks. And her hair? Not cool. Sorry darl. Scarlett’s the winner. Again.

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