White snow boots with fur: stylish footwear

Furry white snow boots: sheer winter style

While protective footwear should be a crucial component of any winter wardrobe, this can still be stylish, especially if you choose white snow boots with fur. Snow boots can sometimes look a bit cumbersome. They require a lot of padding to keep the wearer insulated from the cold.  Their soles have to be cushioned.  In order to keep them watertight, they’re often criss-crossed with heavy-duty lacing.  In short, a lot of snow boots are built for functionality.

White snow boots with fur offer all the benefits of any other snow boot, only with oodles of sophisticated chic. For a kick-off, their cool colour scheme ensures they blend in with the background.  But on closer inspection, furry white snow boots look good enough to be worn away from the ski slopes.

Outlets specialising in white snow boots with fur

Snow boots come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from sportier looking ones to examples that wouldn’t look out of place on a catwalk.

Childrensalon (www.childrensalon.com) offer a wonderfully stylish pair designed by John Galliano. From a distance they appear like white snow boots, with luscious black faux fur lining. On closer inspection you can see the material is actually inset with newsprint. The designer ‘s legend s printed in silver gothic lettering on the heels.These highly unusual boots are available at £84.95.

If you’d prefer something less ostentatious, check out Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk). They have many excellent examples of white snow boots with fur, starting at around £17.

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