Find an elegant white bridal corset online

We have chosen three elegant white corsets ideal for use as part of a wedding dress or for the following night...

Venus Bridal Corset - £109

This beautiful white bridal corset has a pearlescent ivory duchess satin finish and is boned with spiral steel to give it an authentic feeling at a relatively cheap cost. Its sweetheart neckline plunge and deep hemline work to accentuate all of your natural curves, and it can be used either as a top to your wedding dress or as super sexy lingerie for your special night - and many more special nights after! Buy it online with Corset Heaven at corsetheaven.com.

WT-154 White brocade stripe 10 1/2" underbust corset - £94

An underbust white bridal corset, and the cheapest of our selection, this product is designed for women over 5' 4" tall due to the very long line underbust. The 24 spiral steel bones throughout the corset, the specially manufactured extremely strong lacing at the back, and the hefty weight of almost a kilogram make this the corset of choice if you're looking for waist reduction without sacrificing style. Snap it up for £94 at corsets-uk.com.

Overbust Corset V1128 - £205

Fairly the most expensive white bridal corset, this beautiful satin option has a perfectly toned embroidered pattern running a contrasting path down the front centre of the corset to highlight your hourglass figure, aided by the back lacing and front fasten. The corset comes with four detachable suspenders and a modesty back panel. Purchase it from vollers-corsets.com.

As a vague guide, we recommend buying corsets which are 2 to 4 inches below your natural waist size, to suit the shaping effects which corsets provide.

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