Which shops sell fitflop shoes? Start your search right here!

Which shops sell Fitflop can either be answered by logging directly on to the Fitflop website or by looking online at various price comparison websites.

Many larger stores, such as Boots, will have a range of Fitflops in stock but their ranges may be limited and finding shops that stock the exact model you're looking for isn't always easy.

The most popular, and widely available, version is the Walkstar. This is the generic sandal range that comes in many colours, features the distinctive Fitflop logo and starts at 50 pounds for the black, red and white versions but can go up as far as 65 pounds for the tan shoe.

Fitflop also do a line of Mukluk boots that will ensure your feet are treated well even in the depths of winter. These boots weigh in a hefty 165 pounds so not all retailers will have them in stock.

To see which Fitflop is right for you, log on to Fitflop.com and browse through their online catalogue. You can even sign up for their mailing list to ensure that you get informed of the current special offers and upcoming new releases.

If you see a range that you particularly like, click into the "Find retailers" section. This will show you where you can begin your hunt. Rather than visiting shops that don't stock the shoe you're searching for, it might be an idea to either ring the store with the name of the model or even to take advantage of the free postage and buy directly from the site.

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