Which celeb owns the most Louboutin shoes?

Which celebrity owns the most pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes? It's up there with 'how does one clone a human?' in the top ten questions that constantly plague and torment us. We'll give you a clue, she's a Steele-y good (sorry) writer of cheesy romantic novels, the kind you find by the side of the pool on holiday, disdainfully pick up, then spend the rest of the week glued to, despite promising yourself that this would be the year you finally get through Crime and Punishment. Yes, it's the Queen of the weepy blonde and the brooding hunk, Danielle Steele.

According to Grazia, Danielle owns - now steel yourself (sorry again) - 600 pairs, ‘She comes to Paris, and she literally buys everything. Then she flies back to New York, says Christian, 'I'm a little disappointed — there's nothing in the store,' and walks out with 80 pairs.’

And for those of you wondering how Christian fared during the recession, fret not. When asked in a recent interview, he proclaimed ‘What’s credit crunch? Is that a new gym?’ Yeah, congrats Christian, but you might need to work on your gags, they're not exactly side-splitting...

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