Where to shop for the best junior snow boots

Junior snow boots may refer to two types of snow boots. Firstly, they could refer to snow boots designed for children of all ages – from infants to pre-teens. In some cases, however, a more specific age range is applied, which usually but not always consists of pre-teens or those older than toddler age.


This is one of the best places to purchase outdoor clothing, footwear and gear for kids. Certainly, it has a sizeable collection of junior footwear as well. It sports boots designed by the likes of Olang, Sorel, Columbia and Crocs.

If you are looking for snow boots that will make your little girl feel like a pretty princess in winter, you might want to check out the Crocband Gust Boot from Crocs on the site. It comes in shades of fuchsia and bubble gum, and priced at £34.99.


Although it is not exclusively selling winter gear for children, The Ski Shop nonetheless has quite the respectable collection available for junior skiers. Boots available on the website include those designed by Aquarius, Columbia, Mammal, Olang, Sorel and Tecnica, the last of which is responsible for inventing the moon boots.

If you are looking for Après styled junior snow boots, consider checking out the Ottawa design for teenage girls. Originally priced at £32, it is now available at only £25.6. If you are looking for Après styled boots for toddlers, check out the commander design from Sorel, which has a lovely grey and lilac combination, as well as white trimmings. It is available at just £29.99.

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