Where to Sell Antique Silver Cutlery

Antique silver cutlery is sought after by many antiques dealers and collectors alike. Knowing where to sell silver cutlery is half of the task of getting the best price for it. There are a number of options, each with their benefits and disadvantages so it is important to consider them carefully before you sell your silver cutlery.

Selling to Dealers

Selling to antiques dealers is quick, but it is quick for a reason. Antique dealers have to make a profit on their purchases to stay in business which means that you are not likely to get the best prices for your silver through this avenue. There are benefits however, in that if you need the cash quickly you will be able to sell it quickly, but by sacrificing some of the market value.

Selling Online

Selling your antique silvery cutlery online can be an opportunity to secure a good deal because of the wide range of potential customers. You may find someone willing to pay a lot of money to have that particular silver in their collection. On the other hand, you may suffer some losses in that people are very cautious when buying online. There is a temptation to avoid paying the market value just in case the silver is not as it was described on the advert or if it is a lower quality than what was represented.

Selling at Antiques Fairs

Knowing where to sell silver cutlery is almost as important as knowing who to sell it to. At an antiques fair you get the chance to sell to a range of different buyers, from eager dealers to private collectors. Exploring the various stalls will quickly reveal who will give you the best price.

Selling in Magazines

Many antiques magazines have sections where you can post classifieds for free or for a small cost. This is a good way or reaching the whole serious buyer market as people will flippant interests rarely read the specialist magazines.

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