Where to purchase designer ski jackets online

If you're searching the Net for designer ski jackets there are a number of sites that cater for that market, so let's have a look at two of these sites and what's on offer at present?

The first site we'll visit is winternational.co.uk. This is an online boutique that caters for high-end buyers, and the selection of items on sale is truly breathtaking. If you'd like to head over to the designer ski jackets section you can use this URL to take you there: http://boutique.winternational.co.uk/Jackets

The Tyra ski jacket sells here for £499.00, and is a longer jacket that offers a snug fit. This design helps keep you warmer and also creates a slimmer silhouette. This jacket has loads of extra pockets and even has a storage space in the sleeve for lift passes or credit cards. The hood is also detachable and the jacket is available in black, blue and white leopard print material. Sizes in this item go up to a size 16, so even curvier ladies are catered for here.

Harrods.com is our next stop and this store is well known by all for its focus on quality and designer goods. The good news is that Harrods sells ski wear as well and you can get designer ski jackets here too. An Armani EA7 jacket sells here for £379.00 and comes in sizes ranging from an ultra small 8 to a curvy 18, so you're sure to find a jacket that fits here! The Jacket has elasticised cuffs and twin pockets on the front. There is also a belt with a silver buckle to really give this jacket a stylish and fashionable look! If you really want to stay warm this stylish number will do that for you too, with its duck feather and down padding it's guaranteed to keep out the winter cold.

This is just a tiny sampling of what's on offer at these sites, so if you're in the market for a designer ski jacket this winter you really should head on over and browse the selections!

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