Where to go for bulk clearance shoes online

If you're searching the Net for bulk clearance shoes, chances are you're looking to bag yourself quite a few bargains, or you're in the trade and in search of savings you can pass on to your customers. In either scenario, you're well catered for. Using a wholesaler directory is one of the fastest ways to get access to all the bulk clearance items you would ever need.

Thewholesaler.co.uk acts as a directory and this site lists countless wholesalers in various trading sections. Even if you're an eBayer or Amazon seller you'll be able to order from these sites.  The overstocks and stock lots section has an incredibly list of wholesalers that have those kind of items available, and if you head there directly you can use this URL: http://www.thewholesaler.co.uk/trade/distributor/Clearance,044_overstocks_and_stocklots_in_the_UK/

Bennies.co.uk is just one of the sites mentioned here, but there's some real bargains on this site. A carton containing 8 pairs of black ladies' shoes sells here for only £2.00 a pair! That means the carton will cost you £16.00 excluding VAT. Some stores charge more than twice that for just one pair, so it's easy to see how this site can save you some real money.

cheapcheapbargains.com is another site you have to browse if you're looking for bulk clearance shoes online. This site also sells clothing but heading to the shoe section will show you exactly what's on offer. One example is a box of twelve pairs of Ladies slip-in ballerina shoes. These currently sell for £2.50 a pair, so you'll pay £30.00 for the entire box.

These sites also offers free delivery anywhere in the UK if you order for over a certain amount, so that's another way to save a little money. This is just two of the sites listed on thewholesaler.co.uk, so if you're serious about finding affordable bulk clearance shoes, you should bookmark this site!

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