Where to get the nicest pair of rubber boots

Rubber boots, which are sometimes referred to as wellies or Wellington boots, need not be unattractive. If you look hard enough, you are sure to find wellies that will not only keep your feet safe and warm, but are guaranteed to go well with the rest of your outfit, too.


This is one of the best sites to shop for wellies. Not only does Hunter have a comprehensive selection of designs available, but it also has their products categorised in a beginner-friendly way. Categories include wellies for children, wellies that go well with vintage outfits and those that have wedges. There are also wellies specifically designed for farming, field sports and hunting.

Lastly, there are also wellies that are fit to wear when you are joining the Royal Horticultural Society. An example of an RHS design from Hunter is the Floral Mix style, which boasts of a primarily black body and floral design. It is available in sizes 3 to 8 (UK), and can be yours for just £52.


If, however, you do not want to limit your selection to just Hunter boots, consider checking out Welly Warehouse. Brands featured on this site include the likes of Joules, Dunlop, Le Chameau and Century Safety.

It also carries a nice selection of wellies from Girlie Gardening, which is most popular for its funky and cute designs. An example is its Lipstick Kiss design, available in black. It is priced at £19.99.

When shopping for rubber boots on this site, make sure to check out its Cleaning and Care page for more tips on making your footwear last longer.

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